Financial Econometrics

What is Financial Econometrics about?

Financial Econometrics is primarily about modelling financial phenomena. The knowledge of statistics and modelling that students gain in their first two years of the study is combined with knowledge of the financial economy. Consequently, econometricians have developed models that are being used to predict the stock exchange and some of these econometricians even won Nobel prizes for their contributions.

In finance Masters, you get a lot of courses that will focus on financial processes such as option valuation, risk management and option trading, which is one of the most profitable kinds of trading for investment banks. In other courses you will come across various models concerning stock valuation and prediction, indexes, research and its applications and fund management. As for all other Masters, you can expect an easy transition into the business community or a government institution. Some of the most popular choices are to work at an insurance company or at an investment bank. Of course, there are a lot of other companies also looking for econometricians, but they are not necessarily looking for mathematical knowledge in their new employees. Econometricians are also known for their logic and analytic way of thinking that they will obtain during their study, which is quite appealing to many companies.


You can do the following financial Masters:

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