Tilburg University

Tilburg University has a green, compact campus in a wooded area. Almost all activities are concentrated here. The lines between students and employees are short. The campus has a modern library with a study- and work environment where a silence area is present, as well as an open space where you can work together. Spread over the campus, there are cybercafés, e-learning centres and modern individual and group work spaces. A Tilburg University, study and sports go hand in hand. At the Sports Centre, around 45 different sports are offered.

For econometrics student, there are lectures, tutorials and computer labs. During tutorials, students can make assignments themselves and ask questions to the teachers. Computerlabs are used to learn about specialistic software for econometrics. The courses are taught in English and there are four exam periods in the first year. After that, there are 2 exam periods per year. During the three-year bachelor, you will follow courses for different specialisations within econometrics and in the third year, there is some room for courses you can choose yourself. Besides that, the programme offers two philosophy courses. Tilburg University offers four one-year master programmes for econometrics, namely: Quantitative Finance and Actuarial Sciences, Business Analytics and Operations Research, Econometrics and Mathematical Economics and Marketing Research.

The study association connected to this university is Asset | Econometrics.

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