University of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the economic and finacial heart of the Netherlands and a beautiful city to live in. Because of the excellent contacts of the UvA with leading companies and authorities inthe city, you will find professors and lecturers that have top positions in the government or the corporate world. The education is based on highly ranked research.

As UvA student, you choose a study math that fits your talent, interests and ambitions. You can count on personal guidance and advice. Because the first two years of the BSc Econometrics & OR are comletely mixed with Actuarical Science, you can choose to continue that BSc from the tird year.

At the UvA, study association VSAE helpt students Actuarial Science and Econometrics & OR during their study time on social, career and study area.

Go to the UvA website to find more information on the BSc Econometrics & OR or Actuarial Science

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