Erasmus University Rotterdam

The Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) is an internationally oriented research university with a distinct societal orientation in its education and research. With its research impact and the quality of its education, the EUR is competing with the top universities of Europe.

The Erasmus School of Economics (ESE) has underwritten excellent education and research for more than a century by now. Countless successful careers started at this faculty. Graduates from the ESE know their way around the business community, at the government and in science all around the world.

Every academic year consists of five blocks of eight weeks. Every block ends with exams of the corresponding courses. Econometrics & Operations Research in Rotterdam starts off with a few basic courses that discuss the fundamentals of mathematics, statistics and economics.

In Rotterdam it is also possible to study International Econometrics & Operations Research. The exquisite group that is accepted to this programme is a mix of Dutch and international students. Besides that, it is possible to follow the BSc2 programme. This is a dual study in which you can obtain a Bachelor in both International Econometrics & Operations Research and International Bachelor of Economics & Business Economics in just four years.

The association for econometrics students at the Erasmus University Rotterdam is FAECTOR. This association organises many activities throughout the year, as well as an introduction camp for new students.

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