FAECTOR is the Faculty Association of Econometrics & Operations Research at the Erasmus School of Economics in Rotterdam. The association has got more than 1600 members, which makes it the biggest Econometric study association in the Netherlands. FAECTOR organises social, educational and career-related events. These career events are aimed to make students acquainted with econometrics in practice. The social activities are meant to enhance contact between students.

Since 2012 the study International Econometrics & Operations Research is also part of this association, which means that international students can now be found in all stages of the study. Besides that, the association welcomed the BSc2 programme in 2013. This is a dual study in which you can obtain a Bachelor and a Master in both International Econometrics & Operations Research and International Bachelor of Economics & Business Economics in just six years, instead of eight years. BSc2 has got a very tough selection procedure and the entire programme is provided in English.

If you have any questions about FAECTOR or Econometrics in Rotterdam, you can send an email to info@faector.nl. You can also visit www.faector.nl to find out which activities FAECTOR organises every year and to subscribe for the introduction camp for new students.

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