FAECTOR is the recognised school association for Econometrics & Operational Research at the Erasmus School of Economics in Rotterdam. The association has over 2000 members, which makes it the largest econometric study association in the Netherlands. FAECTOR organises social, educational, and career events. Members of FAECTOR will get discounts to their books and access to all of the events that are organised.

FAECTOR organises career events with the aim of introducing students to econometrics in practise. Econometrics is a highly demanded field of study on the job market. To connect students to potential employers, FAECTOR organises events such as inhouse days, presentations and company dinners. The highlight of the year is the Econometric Career Days, which is the largest on-campus recruitment event for econometrics students in the Netherlands. The social events FAECTOR organises connect econometrics students from all study phases with each other. Students get the opportunity to join drinks, trips, and many other fun activities. Educational events grant the possibility for students to expand their econometric knowledge, and also acquire several soft skills that the lecture halls do not offer. FAECTOR also organises an extracurricular excellence programme.

Since 2012, the International Bachelor Econometrics & Operational Research falls under FAECTOR, which means all study phases contain international students as well. In 2013, the double Bachelor Econometrics & Economics was introduced. This programme allows students to acquire a Bachelor and Master degree in both Econometrics and Economics in six years instead of the regular eight years. This programme has strict selection criteria, with English as its main language.

If you have any questions about FAECTOR or Econometrics in Rotterdam, do not hesitate to contact us at info@faector.nl. At https://www.faector.nl/students, you can see which events FAECTOR organises and you can subscribe to the introduction camp for new students. Are you curious about how FAECTOR deals with the COVID-19 restrictions, check out our website https://faector.nl/students/covid-19.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our events this year!

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