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Annually, approximately 150 students choose to study Econometrics & Operations Research or Econometrics & Data Science at Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. The VU is located on the Zuidas, where many large and international companies are situated. The VU has its own campus for all programs, making it easy to interact with other disciplines. Firstly, the campus is a place for studying, but in addition, there are other activities available. You can have coffee at Doppio, shop at Spar, or have drinks at The Basket. And between study sessions, you can also work on your fitness by going to the gym, playing beach volleyball, or basketball.

There are two bachelor specializations in Econometrics at VU: Econometrics & Operations Research and Econometrics & Data Science. Both specializations have Econometrics as a core subject, but they have different focuses. The Operations Research track is more focused on mathematics and optimizing mathematical problems, while the Data Science track is more about handling large datasets and the computer science behind it. If you choose the Econometrics & Operations Research track, you can choose from different specializations: Econometrics, Mathematical Economics, and Operational Research. You can decide whether to write your thesis in one of those specializations. As mentioned, Vrije Universiteit is located in Amsterdam, the number one student city! It is a vibrant city with a tolerant atmosphere. The 17th-century canal ring is breathtakingly beautiful. In this city with more bicycles than residents, you will never be bored: there are markets, shops, museums, concert venues, cinemas, cafes, and nightclubs. Go to Vondelpark in the spring, relax on an urban beach in the summer, or go ice skating on the canals in the winter.

The student association Kraket is there to support Econometrics students at VU.

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