The Netherlands has six universities where you can study econometrics. These universities are located in five cities: Amsterdam, Groningen, Rotterdam, Maastricht and Tilburg. All these universities have a study association for econometricians. These study associations support you during your study, get you in contact with other students and brings you in touch with professionals in the industry.

Below you find an overview of all the universities and the corresponding study associations. For mor information about a particular university or study association, click the link.

Stichting Landelijk Orgaan der Econometrische Studieverenigingen

These six study associations are united in the LOES foundation. Together they organize at least two yearly events: The National Econometricians day (LED) And the National Econometricians Sports Tournament (LEST).

In addition, they maintain regular contact to continue to serve students econometrics in the Netherlands as well as possible.

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