Actuarial Sciences

What is the study Actuarial Science?

As an actuary (insurance mathematician) you love puzzling with numbers. For example, an actuary calculates the cost of insurance premiums for motor, fire or earthquake damage. It is foremost the relationship between random events and financial risks.

An actuary is uses statistics and informationtechnology to do probability calculations, which serve as the basis for a premium. Not only insurance risks but also other economic variables, such as interest rates, inflation and cost developments play a role in calculating premiums. The actuary must also take account of social, legal and fiscal aspects.

During a study Actuarial Science you will learn a lot about mathematics and statistics so you can become an expert in the insurance field.  Some economics courses are also included, to give you a good idea of ​​economy in general. In the area of ​​insurance you learn a lot about life insurance, general insurance and pensions.

Actuaries can easily find a job with insurance companies, pension funds and actuarial consultants. Additionally, you can also make a good career in banking or in the world of strategy consultancy.


You can study Actuarial Sciences at the following universities:

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