Marketing Research

What does the specialty Marketing Research mean?

Every night, people are being bothered by employees of call centres. They want to know everything about you, which paper you read and where you do your groceries. These kind of data are becoming more and more important. The large amounts of data are used to make predictions of brand and market developments.

The emphasis at Marketing Research is put on obtaining theoretical knowledge, practical skills and insights in research to support market decisions. Essential is developing practical skills regarding problem analysis, the collection an analysis of data, and giving written and spoken reports on market implementations on the basis of the research results. Furthermore, attention is paid to modern developments, such as the analysis of databases and internet research. Marketing Research is definitely a combinaton of theory and practice.

Marketing Researchers come into contact with different markets (retail, fast-moving-consumer goods, services, etc.) and a great spectrum of marketing topics (segmentation, pricing, adverstisement effectiveness, etc.). Marketing Research jibs are to be found in marketing research agencies and organisational advise bureaus, but also at commisioning organisations such as maunufacturers and retailers.


You can follow the following Marketing Research Masters:

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