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VESTING is the association for students of Econometrics, Operations Research and Actuarial studies for the University of Groningen. Her purpose is to tighten the gap between the abstract theory and the practical use regarding Econometrics and Operations Research. Also, VESTING wants to ameliorate the contact between her members and offer them the possibility to deploy themselves on other aspects than their studies. This is achieved by the organisation of formal as well as informal activities.

VESTING has over 670 members, of which about 85 are participating in committees or the board. Almost all students Econometrics and Operations Research are member at VESTING. VESTING organizes a broad spectrum of activities for all members. Every year informal activities like socials, sports activities or cultural activities are organized. Furthermore, VESTING is active as a professional intermediar between companies and student. VESTING lets student meet the rich career opportunities after graduation. Partially this goes via our career board, where company profiles and vacancies are collected, but via personal contact as well. Every year VESTING organizes inhouse days, lectures and recruitment dinners in cooperation with companies. Besides this VESTING organizes the largest recruitment event for econometricians in the north of the Netherlands: the VESTING Career Experience. VESTING participates in Expedition Strategy, a multiday event aimed at strategy consultancy and the National Econometricians Day.

Besides the informal and formal programme, VESTING is active within the study. There is a booksale for all members and several academic lectures are organized by VESTING. VESTING recruits the tutors for first year students and year representatives for the Faculty of Economics and Business. VESTING publishes weekly articles related to econometrics on Take a look!

For old-members, VESTING has an active alumni association, VESTING Alumni, having overĀ 200 members.

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